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The importance of safety nets in construction
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The importance of safety nets in construction

Views: 21     Author: Site Editor     Publish Time: 2019-04-15      Origin: Site

We know that the use of safety net in construction projects is very extensive and commonly used in scaffolding projects, which can effectively prevent and mitigate high-altitude fall accidents. The safety net consists of a mesh body, side ropes, tethers and tendons, and has the characteristics of high strength and durability. Here we will introduce some safety net usage requirements:

First of all, when setting up a safety net, pay attention to strict and secure, and there should be no gaps. To check whether the surrounding side ropes are in close contact with the bracket, the tie of the tether and the bracket should be secure, so as to ensure that the work will not be dissipated after being stressed. It can be used after it has passed the inspection after the erection is completed, and it must not be removed at will during the high-altitude operation.

Second, the connection points between the net body and the support frame should be securely connected to avoid looseness. The support frame shall not be obviously worn or deformed, ensure the overall force of the safety net is evenly distributed, and repair the damaged net body or other components in time to ensure the smooth progress of the project and construction safety.

Third, during the construction process, the construction party shall send special personnel to conduct inspections from time to time, and timely clean up the residual construction waste in the network to ensure the cleanliness of the net body. At the same time, care should be taken to avoid corrosion of the net body caused by chemicals or other pollution, or when there is a foreign matter that may cause abrasion, it should be cleaned in time and fully dried.

Fourth, be careful not to touch the tool with spikes during handling to prevent damage to the net body. When not in use for a long time, store the safety nets in a special warehouse, and pay attention to moisture, ventilation, and moisture. At the same time, the inspection should be carried out regularly during the storage process in order to find problems in time.In addition to the above points, it should also be noted that do not pile up the items under the safety net. In the welding operation, it is necessary to prevent Mars from falling into the net to avoid the impact of the high temperature environment on the construction safety net. We say that safety awareness is especially important in construction, especially in aerial work, and that no detail can be taken lightly.

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