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Outdoor activities, how to climb in safely?
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Outdoor activities, how to climb in safely?

Views: 46     Author: Site Editor     Publish Time: 2019-04-15      Origin: Site

Mountaineering is more and more popular among outdoor enthusiasts, but there are many dangers in mountaineering. Every year, many lives are gone in the mountains. How to ensure mountaineering safety? Here we share some safety rules:


  1. To prepare for a set of high quality climbing equipment , like climbing safety harness , climbing rope , fall arrester , aluminum carabiner and so on . The breaking strength of climbing harness should be meet ANSI or CE standard . Also it is nessary for you to check there is any break place onside your climbing harness or its accessories .


2. The composition of the team should be reasonable. In the activities with greater difficulty and intensity, the proportion of newcomers should not exceed one third.


3, the team should not be less than four people, the activity should always adhere to the principle of two people walking, strictly prohibited.


4. The itinerary plan must be complete and complete, and both the event personnel and the left-behind personnel should thoroughly understand the itinerary plan.


5, strengthen daily exercise, regular physical examination, to maintain a good physical condition.


6. Cultivate outdoor safety awareness, learn outdoor knowledge and skills, and actively improve outdoor ability.


7, fear the nature, pay attention to each mountain. Do what you can, do not do what you can't do.


8. The teammates should be informed of the emergency contact information before the event. At the same time, inform the family about the activity information and carry the emergency information card with them.


9. The local weather forecast should be closely monitored before the event. The weather should be adjusted in time when the weather changes suddenly.


10. Carry appropriate equipment, adequate food and drinking water when climbing, and keep a backup to deal with unexpected situations.


11. Reasonably adjust breathing and pace during the journey and maintain a good pace of travel. The formation of the team should remain intact and compact, echoing both ends.


12. Reasonable assessment of physical condition during activities. If there is any discomfort, you should inform your teammates in time and should withdraw if necessary.


13. Ensure that the communication tools are unblocked, keep the team communication smooth, and report the whereabouts to family members and left-behind personnel.


14. Do not burn the bonfire, use the stove properly, pay attention to the safety of the fire in the field, and avoid causing mountain fires.


15. Use the topographic map, north arrow or GPS to identify the direction to ensure the correct direction of travel.


16. Travel along the mature road, try not to try hidden roads or open up new roads to avoid walking the night road.


17. When you get lost, you should return to the original road or wait for help, keep calm and save your physical fitness, and seek outside assistance if necessary.


18, mountaineering should carry forward the team spirit, care about teammates, help each other, carry out safety tips in dangerous locations and assist in passing.


19. After the event, summarize it in time and truthfully disclose the hidden dangers, which will help you and others to learn from the experience and lessons.


20. The word “safety” is more important than anything else, and all content related to outdoor safety should be part of this Code.



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